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Drawing on our experience in M&A, asset management and the financing of infrastructure assets, we understand the value proposition from an asset owner perspective. We use our development skills and experience to increase returns for shareholders by (i) obtaining lease and planning extensions and separately, (ii) developing site extensions, leveraging existing relationships and infrastructure to increase value.


Extending the life of the lease term beyond the typically initial 20-25 years of subsidy, enhancing value for our fund clients, through negotiation with the landowners, completion of the legal agreements and handling all elements of extension of planning permission.

We are able to offer our services on an "upside only" basis where this best suits our clients. 

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We review the grid, planning and land opportunities asset and

complete the works to obtain a new subsidy-free solar or battery storage asset to sit alongside the original. 

We can also assist in the financing of new developments and are able

to offer our services on an "upside only" basis. 


Once we've enhanced assets, our clients typically either envelope these within their existing fund or choose to sell to realise cash. With a track record of both construction management and M&A success, we can assist with this:

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Novus can act as lead M&A transaction manager or supplementary DD support, as required, to ensure the best exit for your enhanced assets.


We can provide design, ICP and EPC tender services, as well as construction management, to help make the transition from ready-to-build, to built, be as smooth as possible.  

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