Businesses of all stripes can benefit from the growth in renewable energy. Whether you want on or off-site generation and whether or not you need assistance with financing, Novus can help you reduce energy bills, strengthen your green credentials and have price certainty for the long-term.



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Powering you business with renewable energy has many benefits:

  • Significant cost savings

  • Long-term price certainty

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Meet corporate social responsibility targets

Novus can arrange for your business to receive power directly from a renewable energy asset, or develop one for you, to achieve the above objectives, whether you want to self-fund or not.



Image by Lars Kuczynski

Adding battery storage technology to the mix, with our without supplementary generation can provide:


  • Significant savings (buy power when it's cheapest, export to the grid when it's at its peak)

  • Spread on-site renewable generation across the demand cycle of your businesses 

Novus is at the cutting edge of the battery storage and solar/storage co-location market ensuring significant savings for corporate clients around the UK, whether our client wishes to self-fund or needs help with financing.