The Novus team comes from a varied background of project development, finance, M&A, planning and above all, success in the renewable energy industry.


Having been part of the success at the Innova Group, who remain a key partner and client, we have built a team of experts to offer best practice development consultancy to cater for the full range of needs in the modern renewable energy economy.


Novus has the ability to develop any renewable energy scheme from concept to commissioning and sale and can structure the agreements with our clients in a multitude of ways to ensure we meet their needs, such as:

Project Consultant – We assess, de-risk, plan and execute your development for you, dealing with any third-parties ourselves behind the scenes and wrapping the entire development into one contract with us, reporting to you along the way.

Project Partner – If you are not funding the development yourself, we may be able to offer, via our partners, the Innova Group, the opportunity to have the development part or completely financed, completely organised and executed by us. Rather than take on the finance risk, we would return you a rent, premium or share in the value created (depending on the nature of the project).

Consultancy  – If you would like our support for certain parts of your project, we can assist with these independent stages in return for clear, fixed fees. Similar clients have opted previously for “Feasibility” reviews, followed by more detailed development work in distinct areas of their projects.







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