Renewable Energy Developments

Providing full support throughout your development

The Novus team is built on vast experience in the renewable energy, finance, development, legal and planning sectors, with a history of successful developments throughout the UK.



With a breadth of experience in developing and delivering projects across the whole renewable energy sector, we specialise in site searching, land development, grid solutions, site planning, construction management and securing funding

Every project is taken on by a Senior Project Manager, assisted by a Project Manager and an array of in-house professionals, including a technical team to make sure all risks are foreseen and dealt with efficiently and a planning team to ensure an optimal planning strategy is implemented.



Renewable energy developments can offer landowners long term, dependable and diverse income, independent of existing agricultural practices. Competitive rental incomes are typically in excess of agricultural rates, secured for up to 40 years, allowing farms and estate owners alike to future proof their assets.

Carefully designed solar farms can offer a dual land use by allowing the grazing of small livestock to continue during the life of the project whilst also being able to contribute to biodiversity net gain. Introducing a solar farm on agricultural land can also act as a tool to preserve the long term quality of the soil for use in agriculture once the development is removed.

Typical solar developments require 75+ acres of land, ideally flat and with existing natural screening; however our team of planners and designers are able to design developments to fit within a wide range of landscapes. Battery developments are able to be constructed on smaller plots of between 1-3 acres of land with similar parameters to solar, as well as being built on brownfield land.


Asset Owners

Drawing on our experience in M&A, asset management and the financing of infrastructure assets, we understand the value proposition from an asset owner’s perspective. We use our development skills and experience to increase returns for shareholders by assisting them to: (i) obtain lease and planning extensions and (ii) develop site extensions, leveraging existing relationships and infrastructure to increase value.

We are also able to add significant value to existing developments by introducing an alternative route to market via corporate PPAs or private wires.