Corporate PPAs

Power Purchase Agreement

Under sleeved corporate PPAs, our client’s will sell power from one or more renewable energy assets for all or a proportion of consumption across your business. The assets will not be directly connected to your sites, power will instead flow through the grid in the normal way, providing your business with dedicated renewable power at an agreed price.

How does a Corporate PPA work?

corp-ppa-diagram_Corp PPA
__Corp PAA Stacked

Cost Benefits

The corporate PPA structure is set around a fixed price for a significant term (typically 10 years plus). This provides certainty and stability of cost to you and certainty of revenue for our clients, which allows them to invest in and complete the projects. All your power will still physically come from the grid so there are not the same non-energy cost savings associated with private wire and rooftop arrangements. However, your exposure to wholesale market will be significantly reduced or removed completely. As there are no direct connections, there is complete flexibility as to which sites are developed, how much power you commit to, and where in the country you consume the power now and in the future.


ESG, CSR and Green Benefits

The power that we supply to you from our clients’ renewable sites is fully renewable and zero-carbon, unlike standard grid power which still has a significant carbon content. So, swapping standard grid power for renewable power will reduce your scope 2 GHG emissions.

Although not physically connected, we will arrange for all the power from one or more renewable generation facilities to be dedicated for your consumption for the duration of the PPA. The renewable power will be fully traceable to you and would be exclusively yours and guaranteed for the duration of the PPA. You will be able to name the site(s) and show pictures in your literature such that your customers and stakeholders will know that you’re purchasing your power responsibly from a known and named source. And the fact that the renewable facility will be new and that your commitment helped to develop the asset(s), means that there’s a real impact on lowering emissions.


Private Wire PPAs

Private Wire