Private Wire PPAs

Power Purchase Agreement

With private wire PPAs Novus will, at our own expense, assist in the development of a brand-new renewable project in close proximity to your site and connect directly into your premises, providing your business with low-cost renewable power.

How does Private Wire PPA work?

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Cost Benefits

Although the generation occurs away from your site, because the connection is behind your electricity meter you will consume much less power directly from the electricity grid, reducing the non-energy and energy charges that you pay as part of your electricity bill from your supplier. You can buy the power from the renewable project at a significant discount to grid power due to the saving of the non-energy charges, meaning that overall your energy bills will be much lower. As the generation project will be built away from your site, size constraints will not be a factor and thus built to optimise against your consumption expectations.


ESG, CSR and Green Benefits

The power supplied to you from the renewable project is fully renewable and zero-carbon, unlike grid power which still has a significant carbon content. So swapping grid power for solar power will reduce your scope 2 GHG emissions.

In addition, your renewable power will be fully traceable to your site and exclusively yours. You would be able to name the site and show pictures in your literature so that your customers and stakeholders will know that you are purchasing power responsibly and locally. The fact that the renewable project will be new means there is a real impact on emissions, unlike standard renewable tariffs which are backed by power from already established renewable generation sources.


Corporate PPAs

Corporate PPAs